Wrentham since 1919

Benacre Park c1925-6 First Distribution Minutes 25.04.1932 Wrentham Band - Instruments Subscriptions 1920s Francis Minister c1929 (aged c16)
Bill Chatfield-Chapelfield Gardens St Andrew's Hall 1950s Chapel Bandpractice Chapel Bandroom Chapelfield Gardens c. 1970 Staniforth School Contest
Two Bandmasters Contest Time Contesting at St.Andrews 1982 Pontin's Contest 1981 Sparrows Nest 1994 St Andrew's Hall
Uniform 1970s Uniform 1980s Uniform late 1980s Uniform late 1980s-Early 1990s Uniforms Past and Present Visit to Oggenhausen 2006
Wrentham BAND2004 band9 WB PHOTO 2013a  (c)Jon Kennard 07748 260820 Centenary cake2  Joan Proctor and David Clements cutting the band's centenary cake - Nov 2019