Engagements 2022              Last Updated 31-03-22

If you have any questions regarding band engagements please contact Colin at  bookings@wrenthamband.org .

Notes: T.B.A = Time To Be Announced , T.B.C = Engagement To Be Confirmed. PF=Private function. EC=Entry charge. SB=Small band

 Band Members are reminded that we have to assume your attendance unless you tell us otherwise.
The times given are playing times.  Please aim to be at the venue 30 minutes earlier . Thank you for your co-operation.

A polite request - Please do not make video/audio recordings of the band for posting on Public media sites unless specifically authorised to do so by the band committee        






November, Sunday 13th Wrentham Church Remembrance service 10.40 - 12 In
December, Sunday 4th Wrentham Village Hall Concert 3.00 - 5.00 pm In
December, Saturday 17th P.F Carlton Hall Residential Home Christmas Carols 2.30 - 3.30 pm In
December, Sunday 18th Wrentham Church Carol Service 5.40 - 7.00 pm In